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Legends West Bank

Legends West Bank
Accounts and Fees

             Regular Checking One            

Minimum to Open:  $50.00
Account Fees:           $6.00 Base Service Charge if minimum daily banance is below $250.00 in
                                    statement cycle
                                           + Free Visa Check Card to qualifying accounts
                                           + Free Notary Services

                     62+ Checking                    

Minimum to Open:  $50.00
Account Fees:           $5.00 Base Service Charge is applied if  balance drops below 
                                    $100.00 during statement cycle.
                                          + Primary account holder must be at least 62 years of age
                                          +One free box of checks per year per holder over 62
                                          +Free Visa Check Card to qualifying accounts
                                          +Free Notary Services

                    Free Checking                   

Minimum to Open:  None
Account Fees:          Free 
                                           + No minimum balance requirement
                                           + Free Notary Services
                                           + Free check safekeeping

                 Student Checking               

Minimum to Open:  None
Account Fees:          Free
    Must be a full-time student (12 or more hours per semester)
                                     Must have a parent or guardian as joint account holder
                                           +First box of checks free
                                           + Free Visa Check Card to qualifying accounts
                                           + Free Notary Services

                    Now Account                   

A checking account which pays interest at the current rate on the ledger
Minimum to Open:  $1,000.00
Account Fees:           $7.50 Base Service Charge if minimum daily balance falls
                                    below $1,000.00 in cycle period
                                         + Free Notary Services
                                         + Free Visa Check Card to qualifying accounts

          Money Market Accounts        

This account earns the highest rate of interest for cash management accounts.
The average daily balance determines the interest rate this account earns.
This is a cash management account and is allowed a limited number of
transactions per month.
Minimum to Open:  $2,500.00
Account Fees:         $7.50 Base Service Charge if minimum falls below $2,500.00 in
                                    cycle period.
                                         + Free Notary Services

                Savings Accounts                

An interest bearing account with a limited number of transactions per cycle.
Minimum to Open:  $50.00
Account Fees:         If minimum average balance falls below $50.00 in the cycle period, a $5.00 Base
                                    Service Charge will be assessed. A $1.00 fee per withdrawal
                                    after 6 withdrawals in cycle will be assessed.
                                         + Free Notary Services
                                         + Free Visa Check Card to qualifying accounts


Individual Retirement Accounts:
We offer Traditional, ROTH and Educational IRA's.

            Certificates of Deposit            

Terms ranging from 3 month to 36 months
$500.00 minimum deposit to open
Substantial penalty for early withdrawal
Rates available on request

             Other Account Fees               

The following fees apply to all of your accounts with us:
Levies & Garnishments: $35.00
Research:                          $20.00/hr with a $20.00 minimum

The following fee applies to all of your accounts with us except Certificates
of Deposit and Time Deposit Accounts:
Account Reconciliation: $20.00/hr with a $20.00 minimum

The following fees apply to Checking, NOW Accounts and Money Market Accounts:
An overdraft fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawals
or other electronic means:
Overdraft Charge:    $25.00 per item
NSF Payment Fee:   $20.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee:   $15.00 per item

                 Visa Check Card                

Monthly Fee:                                     Free
Manual Card Replacement Fee: $5.00

   Miscellaneous Fees and Charges  

Amortization Schedule:                          $5.00
Balance Inquiry:                                       Free
Cashier's Check/Money Order:            $5.00
Coin Counting:                                        Free
Dormant Account:                                 $5.00
Escrow Fees:                                          $25.00/year annual pay
Escrow Fees:                                          $50.00/year monthly pay
Fax - Outgoing:                                        $2.00 for 1st page, $0.50 for additional pages
Fax - Incoming:                                        $3.00 for 1st page, $0.50 for additional pages
Night Deposit Service:                           Free
Notary Fees:                                             $10.00 for non-customers, free for bank customers
Photo Copies:                                         $0.50 per copied page
Print Out Inquiry:                                      Free
Wire Transfers:                                        $15.00

                 Direct Deposit                

Preauthorized EFT's:       Free
                   + Accept direct deposits from t he US Treasury Department to your
                      checking or savigns account
                   + Accept direct deposits from your employer or other financial institutions
                       to your checking or savings account

             Safe Deposit Box               

3 x 5 x 24:        $12.00
3 x 10 x 24:      $12.00
10 x 10 x 24:    $45.00
5 x 5 x 24:         $15.00
5 x 10 x 25:       $30.00